Monday, February 19, 2007

spanish health service (mis) treatment of foreigners

i found i was pregnant which was a bit of a shock, however el casareño inglés and i went to the local doctor for advice (being the 4th child) and we were sent to the abortion clinic this was not a language difficulty (my husband is fluent in Spanish). the abortion clinic was about to do the procedure when they realised this was not what we asked for, we merely wanted normal pregnancy tests to ascertain the baby's health .
finally we managed to see a midwife, and got the correct paperwork (paperwork is everything in Spain, no paper no action unless you are Spanish) she organised the routine test to be conducted at the local health centre, we went with the appointment card and were turned away by the racist receptionist who refused us access. i then went to the social services upset, they phoned and arranged an appointment for the next day, which we went to with the appointment card and sample and we left after they refused to see us, or even take the sample.
a neighbour organised the local nurse to take the necessary tests the request coming from a Spaniard it was accepted.
what would the CRE be doing if this was a Spaniard in the UK?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

school endorses physical abuse towards foreigners

the same Spanish child which i refer to in post school discrimination was involved in this incident. my youngest daughter was attacked in class in front of the teacher by this child with a pencil, nothing was done, (this was after i had specifically requested the teacher to watch this boy). it was only when i referred this case to the s0cial services that anything was done, the boy said sorry in front of the class, however this sorry was conducted in such bad manners that my daughter said "apologies properly or i will not accept this" it was at this time that my daughter was threatened with 7 weeks detention if she did not accept this apology, (the boy was not made to apologies correctly and has not been punished), due to the teachers threatens my daughter felt that she had no other opinion but to agree to the apology. my daughter was then physically dragged to her brother´s class by her teacher to say that she had agreed to the apology (her teacher again threatened her with 7 weeks detention).
i tried to resolve this matter within the school, when i was told "it is not our version", they implied that my children and i are liars how can you co-operate with this! i left the school stating it was not correct that both my children ( the victims) were being punished whilst the the perpetrator of the crime is not punish in any manner.
i went to collect my children from school on Friday when the boys mother shouted racially offensive insults within the school grounds, the boy then physically attacked me (i am 14 weeks pregnant) when i went to complain to the school authorities they refused to act and ordered me off the school grounds.
i feel upset as i believe that this is sending a clear message to the other children of the school, ie it is approved by the school authorities to "foreigner abuse" even if this involves the physical attack by a Spanish child on a pregnant foreigner.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


school starts again this Monday and i expect the usual behaviour ,if not worse, since i attempted to highlight these racist behaviours. the comments i have overheard are based on an attitude of give her and her family more of the same, but the only way to stop this publicity is to start to treat us as equals; equal opportunities, equal treatment, as outlined by the European courts of human rights.
the Spanish nation has already been found guilty in these courts for racist behaviour and benefits cut. If Spain is to benefit from this membership it needs to understand that it is also controlled by its rules.
i hope that this blog will allow other discriminated people to speak out.

Monday, January 01, 2007

on a side issue, i am reporting an incident with a neighbour during this xmas holiday, (i have decide not to talk to him after an incident at 9am when my children were on their way to school and like most children being noisy , he shouted at them as being dirty, stupid english children and told them to shut up).
during this christmas holiday he hammered on our front door about 11pm i refused to let him in or talk to him as a result he sent the police around, i would of stayed on talking terms if originally came to talk to me or my husband in a reasonable manner asking us to be less noisy and had not been so offensive to my children.

Friday, December 29, 2006

school discrimination

Following continued harassment by a Spanish child towards my children which included physical and verbal attacks, stealing and the most upsetting; pornographic pictures being sent to my 7 years old daughter all within the school all done when my children where so called being taken care of by the monitors. I approached the school in an attempt to limit the publicity by asking for the monitors Sita and Maria Jose to be changed. I was informed that this was impossible. These monitors during the last years have acted in an unprofessional and racist manner including walking away whilst a non Spanish child is severely beaten but acting very quickly in defense of a Spanish child. My son after using violence in self defense and against my parental consent was sent to the school psychiatrist whilst no punishment again was given to the Spanish child. A more racist attack occurred when the monitor Sita deliberately tried to get my daughter isolated from her friends when she told her she was not allowed to play with them and punished her when she tried to play with them.
Again I call for all reasonably minded non racist people to say this type of behaviour is unacceptable within the European Community especially when you consider the benefits Spain achieve.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

further discrimination towards non spanards

There is always discrimation in spain towards non spanards; eg in the identification numbers, in the social benefits system eg when it is impossible to get familia numerosa status, in the legal system when non spaniards who are unable to understand spanish are convicted in the law courts without being able to defend themselves due to the language difficulty.
The most insulting acts are against the children in the education system eg my little girl of 8 if late to school is made to wait outside the class however any spanish child is allowed in if late, if the spanish children attack a non spanard the monitors ignore this and if challenged by the parent told that it only looked like a game but if the roles are reversed the non spanish child is punished, eg two 12 year old spanish boys tried to kill my little girl by pushing her off a cliff my son and daughter both went to the teacher but were constantly ignored when my son finally hit one of the boys and broke his glasses to save the life of his sister he was punished severely and this was reported to the social services that my son was violent but nothing of the attempted murder was reported and the two spanish children were not punished.
This kind of insulting behaviour is allowed to continue if we the non spanards do not stand together and force a change. the spanish view themselves as superior and therefore it is acceptable to treat us in the same manner as they treat their animals.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

burger off all you drug runners

i found this information on el casareno ingles, i thought that spain was a safe country to raise children however maybe we all need to think again and throw out any unwanted criminals etc back to were ever they come from, we dont need spain to turn into another political correct stupid unfeeling country were criminals rights are considered more important than the lives of innocent children.